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Experts are enthusiastic about the Powerinsole®!

Because we wanted to build our product on a sound scientific basis, we have been working with doctors from othomolecular and general medicine since the beginning of the development.

Even in the prototype stage, we had double-blind tests carried out in a performance diagnostics center, which showed a faster breakdown of lactate, which resulted in less muscle cramps, exhaustion and a lower heart rate during exercise and much more. may result. In addition, we made a lot of blood flow measurements that were consistently positive.

In order to rule out a placebo effect, tests were also carried out in a horse therapy center near Munich, which showed great results.

In addition, we already have many enthusiastic customers and we receive new great feedback almost every day with exciting experiences such as fewer problems with heel spurs or varicose veins, less tension and back pain, no more cold feet, less irritability, we even have reports about the reduction of phantom pain already achieved..

The way our Powerchip works is best comparable to a magnetic resonance application / stimulation. Information is uploaded to the power chip using a special process and passed on to the cells using our specially developed technology. This creates the energy fieldd the cells positively influenced from the outside and can thus lead to better blood circulation, which increases the oxygen content in the cell tissue and increases the nutrient supply to the cells. This can cause an increased cell metabolism and thus strengthen the immune system and set in motion a faster healing process.

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