Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln: Randomisierten Doppelblindstudie | Powerinsole

German Sport University Cologne:Randomized double-blind study

As part of a randomized double-blind study at the German Sport University Cologne, Institute for Circulatory Research and Sports Medicine, Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine, the physiological effects, among other things, We examined reduced physiological stress and improved regenerative capacity under physical stress and regeneration in order to derive the next steps for the further development of our products.n.

All measurement results were included in the study when the Powerinsole was used for the first time! If it is worn for a longer period, it can be assumed that the scientific significance will be even higher.n.

A positive curve indicates a higher oxygen saturation. It is noticeable that 6 out of 11 test persons show a higher oxygen saturation over the entire load if the sole was worn.

In acute exposure:

The deformability of the erythrocytes is illustrated by the maximum deformability EImax and the pressure that is necessary to deform the erythrocytes up to half of EImax SS 1/2. For EImax, higher values and SS 1/2 lower values mean an improved deformability of the erythrocytes. Better deformability would among other thingsrem a better supply of the muscles with oxygen mean. With Powerinsole wasa statistical onesignificancethe maximum deformabilityreached!

The regeneration parameter:

Heart rate variability was determined using an orthostatic test. This was carried out both before the exposure and 24h and 48h afterwards. The variables RMSSD, LF, HF and HF / LF ratio were used for the evaluation.n.

The investigation showed a significant difference in the regeneration of the LF between placebo and sole p 0.05. A similar trend was observed in the other HRV circumstantial evidence. It can be said with a relatively high degree of certainty that the sole seems to have an acute effect on heart rate variability!nt!

The present work represents one of the first extensive investigations carried out according to scientific standards on the effectiveness of the power insole. The focus of the investigations was not the performance per se, but rather possible physiological mechanisms of action of the insole. Due to the lack of well-founded literature on possible mechanisms of the power insole technology on the physiology of movement, the aim of this work was to shed light on various aspects on which the sole is likely to influence as extensively as possible..

Taken together, the results indicate that the power insole is very likely to have an acute influence on physiological processes for maintaining physical performance cf. Lactate, oxygen saturation, nitrite, erythrocyte deformability and heart rate variability.t).


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