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Powerinsole at 2 minutes 2 million

We had been thinking for a long time whether we should apply to 2 Minuten 2M, but there were also some doubts. After all, there are also companies where this shot backfired, so we hesitated..

But in 2018 we decided that we would give it a try. After all, we were and are completely convinced of our product and we really wanted to present it to as many people as possible. So we sent off our application documents and it didn't take long before we were invited to a pre-casting. Then there was a phone casting before we found out that we were one of the 96 startups out of over 700 applicants who had made it into this season! That was a huge success!g! Soon afterwards we found out our recording date.

Now it was time to prepare! After all, 2 minutes are pretty short to present a product that, like ours, is something completely new and that really needs explanation. In addition, you not only have to inspire investors for your product on this show, you also don't want to bore the audience. So we wrote the pitch and tried again and again whether we could get there with the 2 minutes and not ignore any important information. It wasn't easy, but in the end we think we did it pretty well.n.

We also had to think about what props to take with us for the studio so we had a free hand..
We are often asked how we otherwise prepared for the recording and we can only say: not at all. We know and live our product and know which questions come and how we can answer them.
In October 2018 the time had come and we drove to Vienna for the recording appointment. We were really nervous because we had no idea what to expect.

So we arrived at Puls4 at half past ten and then we started. Preparing things, make-up, interviews, besides us there were more than 10 candidates for recording that day because there was really something going on. But the mood was really good!! 

It was not until half past six in the evening that it was time for us to hold the pitch and answer questions from investors. Maybe you can just imagine how we felt when we stood behind the door and waited for it to open and there is no turning back. Our nerves were tense. You really only have one chance to hold the pitch and investors don't know beforehand what to expect.

So we went in, presented the Powerinsole and after that the investors probably asked us everything they wanted to know about the product and our company for half an hour or more. We had a lot of fun here too and felt very comfortable because everyone was really really nice.

We were offered 2 investments. One from Mr. Haselsteiner, which we rejected because his rating was too low for us and we didn't want to give up as many shares and one from Katharina Schneider, which we accepted. First of all the investment was never implemented, but we still work with Katharina Schneider and Mediashop.n.

When we drove home in the evening, our mood was great because the whole day was just great!



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