Powerinsole® active


Your next step towards a better quality of life!

The Powerinsole is an innovative and globally unique product that helps you to take your regeneration and your performance to a new level..

It works in a similar way to magnetic resonance therapy. Thanks to the specially developed technology, coordinated frequencies are sent to the cells and thus positively influenced from the outside. The latest study, which was published in a medical journal, shows that the power insole acts like an energy booster at the cellular level and can significantly contribute to reducing physical regeneration time, improving cell regeneration and wound healing, as well as maintaining general well-being.

In order to achieve the best possible effects, it is important to wear the power insole as long as possible during the day, preferably all day..



The advantages of the power insole®

  • better cell regeneration / wound healing by 39.9%
  • less tension
  • Reduction of sore muscles
  • less pain after injuries
  • less muscle sticking and cramps
  • less signs of fatigue e.g. less heavy legs after long working daysn)
  • better concentration through better oxygen uptake by the cellsn)
    Not only our customers are convinced - in a test by Apotheke.blog, the Powerinsole was awarded 4.9 out of 5 stars with the very good seal of quality!t!


For whom is the Powerinsole suitable??

Due to the unique ergonomic and protected shape, the Powerinsole can not only be used in almost every sport, but also in leisure time and at work. For optimal comfort, the power insole should be in the area of the arch of the foot. For placement, simply peel off the film and stick the power insole into the shoe.n.


You don't need a new power insole for every pair of shoes, you can simply switch from one shoe to the other. If the adhesion decreases due to soiling of the adhesive surface, you simply rinse it off with water, let it dry and the Powerinsole sticks again.r.

The Powerinsole - simple, flexible, for everyone -

  • fits in every shoe! recommended from size 30.).

  • is simply glued into the shoe!

  • can be changed from shoe to shoe!

  • has a very high wearing comfort!

  • is washable!

  • improves well-being in sport, work and leisure!

There are 2 pieces of Powerinsole in each packaging! 


Outstanding quality

The materials of the Powerinsole meet the highest quality standards. The surface is made of a hard-wearing polyester fabric, which is incredibly tough, but also flexible at the same time. For the core we use a patented, skin-friendly active gel that is absolutely hygienic

and is anti-allergenic.

The power insole is Made in Germany!

Over 18,000 satisfied Powerinsole users can't be mistaken!

Experience and feedback from Powerinsole users::

Hello Powerinsole Team, I've been using the Powerinsole for a good 2 months now and at first I found it a little difficult to position it correctly. After looking at the website I found the assembly video which helped me a lot. Since then, everything has been sitting and fitting perfectly. As a self-employed masseuse, I stand for a good 8-12 hours every day and have problems with my back muscles. Hardenings and cramps are nothing unusual. I used the Powerinsole without any specific ideas and after about 14 days I could see less hardening at the end of the day and an even better concentration than before. Since then my state of exhaustion has decreased significantly.Andrea, 36 years

From my training experience, I would like to say that the Powerinsole means my pulse is 5-7 beats below the other values. It is difficult to measure whether the regeneration is accelerated, but my muscles are not sore, even after long units, e.g. 6 hours. I will definitely continue to use the Powerinsole.Alex


I use the power insole at work and during sports. The application video helped me a lot to find the right positioning and to optimize the wearing comfort. After the 3rd day I was able to perceive a significant increase in my energy, which I put back into my own regeneration and can pursue my activity a little longer.Albert, 39 years


I was so enthusiastic about the show and now I've had the Powerinsole since Wednesday and I'm so happy and almost pain-free!Ingrid Unterweger

The heart of the power insole is the power chip

The function of the power chip is based on the principles of several researched and documented sub-areas of biophysics as well as knowledge of energy medicine. After years of development, many tests and studies in human and veterinary medicine, we have succeeded in integrating the power chip into a gel pad, the power insole, to make it as easy to use as possible.

The way our Powerchip works is best comparable to a magnetic resonance application / stimulation. Information is uploaded to the power chip using a special process and passed on to the cells using our specially developed technology. This creates the energy fieldd the cells positively influenced from the outside and can thus lead to better blood circulation, which increases the oxygen content in the cell tissue and increases the nutrient supply to the cells. This can cause an increased cell metabolism and thus strengthen the immune system and set in motion a faster healing process.